Willow Creek Community Church

At the 2013 Global Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels outlined the journey of culture transformation to a flourishing culture. Five years prior, Bill had returned to daily leadership of the church after focusing his time on the Willow Creek Association and training pastors around the world.

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English Language Institute/China (ELIC)

In 2005 ELIC had just transitioned from a founder/President to new leadership. As is often the case during this type of transition, the organization struggled to move to its new identity and culture. The transition brought an uneven revenue flow causing the need for layoffs.

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Coalition for Christian Outreach

Not only has the CCO been a certified Best Christian Workplace every year since 2002, they have also placed in the top 25% of similar missions and parachurch ministries each year as well. The CCO maintains high levels of employee engagement by encouraging staff to develop...

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Phoenix Seminary

For almost 25 years, Phoenix Seminary, in Phoenix, Arizona, has been training men and women--infusing them with the truth and heart of God so they are equipped to have a worldwide impact.

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