For almost 25 years, Phoenix Seminary, in Phoenix, Arizona, has been training men and women--infusing them with the truth and heart of God so they are equipped to have a worldwide impact. More than 2,500 Phoenix Seminary alumni and graduates are serving Jesus Christ in more than 40 countries--in urban centers and rural settings, church sanctuaries and law offices, remote hospitals and military bases. Their faculty and staff are passionate about training students to minister and teach with the life-changing hope of the Gospel. Employees at Phoenix Seminary consider it a high calling to participate in this endeavor.

Having the distinction of "Best Christian Workplace" with The Best Christian Workplaces Institute attracts our most qualified employees. The surveys give our employees a way to have a voice in the culture of the workplace, serve as impetus to make changes where necessary, and encourage us in what we do well.

"The leadership at Phoenix Seminary has been steadfast about creating a culture of servant leadership" says Al Lopus, BCWI's President. Al concludes "because they have been faithful with a little, they have been blessed with more; growing dramatically over the past decade."