Mission of BCWI

Our Vision
Christian workplaces set the standard as the best, most effective places to work in the world.

Our Mission
We equip and inspire Christian leaders to build a flourishing workplace.

Our Core Values
We accomplish our mission by living our core values, which are:

  1. Serve our clients with excellence. In accordance with our high standards, we strive to provide the best practical service that will transform workplace culture.
  2. Reflect Christian values in the world. By supporting and improving Christian organizations, we facilitate the spread of Christian values across the globe.
  3. Commitment to life-long learning. We provide opportunity for collaborative contribution leading to the full engagement and potential of employees.
  4. Expanding and strengthening our vision.
  5. Discover joy. We find incredible joy and purpose in our work, making efforts to deepen our passion and our success.

Lead Staff

Al Lopus
President and Cofounder

Kathy Lopus
Project and Office Manager

Kevin Scheid
Ministry Services Director

Dave Smith
Senior Consultant

Cary Humphries
Central Region Director

Tara VanderSande
Engagement and Talent Consultant

Giselle Jenkins-Picard
Director of Consulting Services

Heather Snyder
Project Specialist

Diane Dokmo
Project Specialist

Mark Cutshall
Writer and Creative Consultant

Solape Osoba
Social Media/Project Management

Andrea Johnson
Project Specialist

Matthew Magill
Research & Culture Consultant

Jackie McKenna
Project Specialist


The Best Christian Workplaces Institute started with a question being pursued by two people: “What makes an exceptional place to work?”

Helen Lee, then a student at Babson College, studied Strategic Human Resource Management and wondered how those concepts could be applied in a Christian setting. Through an introduction to Al Lopus by John Pearson, the CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance, the idea for BCWI was born. Al Lopus was a member of the CLA’s President Leadership Circle and a Managing Consultant with Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a leading human resource consulting firm.

For Watson Wyatt, Al had conducted employee engagement surveys for Oregon and Washington states, highlighting the best workplaces. Helen and Al pooled their experiences creating the first Best Christian Workplaces Survey published in Christianity Today magazine in 2003. The listing of the results was the cover story, written by Helen. This first survey included 85 organizations, the largest survey ever completed of Christian workplaces.

Since then, BCWI has been off and running, surveying and helping more Christian organizations every year. The effectiveness of their ministry is clearly demonstrated by growth in surveying organizations despite the terrible recession which hit the Christian sector the hardest. BCWI has expanded to include Canadian, Australian, South African, United Kingdom, Albanian and Guatemalan ministry partners. 360 Leadership Reviews for individuals in Christian organizations have also been added to the toolbox. BCWI looks forward to continuing to serve and improve Christian organizations through its employee engagment research and consulting.