360 Review

Building Stronger Leaders. Behaviors of leaders are important to the organization because great leaders balance what gets done with how things get done. This balance increases the leaders’ effectiveness and the performance of their teams, which translates into superior organizational outcomes. An investment in BCWI’s 360-degree feedback process will help develop your leadership talent thus improving your organization’s health and outcomes.

BCWI has developed this 360 process because it is a simple and powerful way to achieve the objective of aligning a leader’s behaviors and skills with the organization’s needs. BCWI’s 360 is research-based:

• Actionable feedback improves performance
• Incorporates Christian faith, biblical perspective
• Feedback alone can change behavior
• Clear goals for improvement is important
• Combining feedback and goals are most effective for growth
• Follow-up on feedback leads to greater improvement
• The user interface is simple, web-based and efficient

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